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Just As We Are

Oct 28, 2020

Katrina talks with Chicago-Based Author Stef Caldwell of the book ManifestHer - the self love book of the year. Stef shares her story at the age of 16 attempting suicide and not succeeding, only for a year later to witness a man burn himself to death in his own suicide. She talks about that experience and waking up the next day to a voice telling her “you're meant for more”. In this episode you will hear Katrina and Stef talk about being the social chameleon, never feeling like you were the best, pretty enough, or just never enough. After college and feeling as though she had found herself, Stef found herself working a successful job and getting the call 90 days before her wedding that her position was being dissolved. She had an important decision to make, take a new position or resign. Not too long later Stef found herself in a quiet place where the idea of Manifest was born. You hear them talk about claiming who you are and as women we forget we have the power over our lives. You hear Stef share about why women hold themselves back and the importance of speaking up. If you don’t ASK you won’t GET. In addition to working full time in high tech at an AI company here in Chicago, Stef Caldwell is a Chicago-based author, speaker, and founder of Manifest, an organization whose mission is to help ambitious women achieve anything by creating spaces online and offline for women to connect, exchange ideas, get unstuck and step into the women they were born to be.

Her new book ManifestHer, out now, has received acclaim from multiple best-selling authors. ”ManifestHer is the go-to guide for ambitious women looking to get unstuck, navigate the ambiguity of life in your twenties and thirties and manifest their biggest dreams. It is the ultimate actionable guide to goal-setting and goal-getting. ManifestHer’s step-by-step program urges women to get in touch with who they really are and what they really desire and moves them in the direction of their biggest dreams.

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