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Just As We Are

Dec 16, 2020

Katrina gets to talk with a fellow sober-sister in today’s episode. Michelle talks about what it was like for her, when she first started drinking and shares how she just felt it relaxed her and she wasn’t so insecure. She then goes on to share what looked like for her - it’s not the typical story you may think, she had seasons of drinking so for awhile did not think it was a problem. Michelle goes on to share her “moment” which she lovingly calls her “bathtub moment” where a higher power intervened and began the journey of her alcohol-free life. They talk about what to do if you’re questioning that you may have a problem with alcohol, to do the research. Katrina & Michelle also talk about the different levels, that not everyone drinking looks the same. Also, they drive home the importance and the freedom admitting you have a problem will bring.

Michelle Porterfield is the host of the Set Free Sisterhood podcast and a Certified Life coach. She specializes in helping women break free from unhealthy loops they feel trapped in - specifically: negative thinking, overdrinking, and self-sabotage. She herself has overcome self-doubt, broken promises, daily drinking and feeling stuck in reaction mode. In August 2020 Michelle passed the 2 year mark of celebrating her amazing alcohol-free life.