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Just As We Are

Jul 15, 2021

Stacy and I talk about building a business and life that you actually love. She shares how she was building her business & life based on fear. We go into more depth about what success looked like to her before she made the transition and what it now looks like for her. She shares that our purpose is a lot simpler than we actually make it - our purpose is to live life and enjoy every day.

Stacy Gissal is the creator of Evolve Beyond Limits Podcast, Evolve beyond Limits Academy, Living Limitless, & Press Experiences.

Stacy Gissal is a former special needs nurse, nutritionist, and recovering perfectionist. Her passion for helping others stems from her own personal journey of overcoming a ton of self doubt and insecurities within herself that held her back and led to a history of disordered eating, perfectionism, and lack of identity. After a huge wake up call personally, Stacy decided to make a change and overtime has redefined her definition of success & is now living the life of freedom, fun, & adventure that she was craving. She attributes this to dropping her ego, doing the inner work and finding purpose and meaning in her life through helping others using the lessons she has learned.

Stacy has dedicated her life to inspiring others to make the internal shifts necessary to overcome their sticking points and leading them down a transformational journey of self discovery, passion, and purpose! She believes transformation is not simply knowing more, but a combination of taking bold action towards the life you want & immersing yourself in experiences that help you identify your blind spots & reconnect to your highest self so you can show up and make the impact on the world you were born to make. She believes that we all have the ability to evolve beyond limits by forgiving who we were, embracing who we are, and never putting limits on who we might become.

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