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Just As We Are

Jan 27, 2022

Taking the leap and following the breadcrumbs is what we are discussing on today’s episode with intuitive and clairvoyant coach Michelle Corsden. Michelle shares her story and journey from going to massage school and transitioning into her gifts and sharing them with her clients. We talk today about following the breadcrumbs on our path and tuning into the little nudges that direct us on our path. We dive into what it's really like making the investments into ourselves that support us on the next step of the journey, even when you’re not sure if this will work out. Michelle shares how creating ritual in her daily practices opened her up to so much more and to being a more effective coach for her clients. We talk about how important this inner work is, going within, diving deeper and how scary it can be but it’s always so worth it.

Michelle is a Momma of two and wife to an amazing partner of 16+ years. ​

She is intuitive as well as clairvoyant and has only recently come "out of the closet" as such. Once she realized this was one of the main reasons her clients get such amazing results Michelle leaned in and learned SO MUCH about this and how to utilize this gift in order to help her clients live the life they desire.​

Her vision and purpose is to do this work with and for us as a collective so that we may share with others and raise the vibration of the world one breath at a time.

​Michelle lived for a long time with the feeling that was more out there...more to be, more to do, more to see and experience and feel...once she found this for herself in this work she became so inspired to help others find not only their path, but their center, their joy, their truth...their beingness. ​


The ripple effect created by just one person healing has an immense impact on this lovely world of ours and the more we show up and put in the work and share the good, the bad and the ugly the higher we RISE and the more abundance in all things will become available, be that love, finance, knowledge, kindness...

She has dedicated her life to helping people who are feeling stuck in the hamster wheel, frustrated with how things have turned out for them but KNOW there is more to life than what is in front of them. Michelle does this by guiding and teaching the tools we need in order to finally feel free to choose and create our own reality.

She does this through a combination of gentle and direct coaching, use of tried and true scientific, metaphysical, physical, and growth mindset-oriented practices and Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP.

Ig: @michellevitality


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