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Just As We Are

Apr 18, 2022

Former journalism major turned marketing and branding professional Tracey Pontarelli is on the podcast today talking about her transition from the corporate world to entrepreneur. She had a deep sense, a need still to provide for herself after hearing from her kids they wanted to spend more time with her. In this conversation we talk about the transition from corporate career to stay at home mom to finding her own purpose. As Eckhart Tolle says “We are not what we do, we are who we weave. We talk about how our brains are wired when it comes to fear, what happens when we actually do what feels good. We dive into wh woo woo works and the science behind our intentions. She shares her own experience talking about showing our kids who we’re willing to be and how the Law of Attraction actually works. This conversation is a true juicy truth about the transition many women experience.

Tracey is a former marketing and branding professional turned multiple six figure wellness entrepreneur and business and mindset coach.

She had a successful career in brand marketing and public relations that she loved, but the hours were long and demands were intense. When she tried to balance her career goals with her growing family, she hit a tipping point.

Desperately wanting the flexibility to be with her children, Tracey decided to transition to full time mommyhood, jumping into volunteering and play dates. She loved the time with her family but still wanted to build a fun and rewarding career that allowed her to live a life by her own design.

As her 3 children began to grow, Tracey tapped into her love of wellness and skills as a brand marketer to build a successful wellness business. Key to her success has been understanding the powers of attraction marketing and positive mindset and being very intentional in everything she does.

She now coaches frustrated moms just like her how to build a profitable online income without sacrificing their priorities - by being authentic, deliberate and magnetic.



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