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Just As We Are

Jul 18, 2022

Kim Coffin a Trauma Informed Somatic Sex, Love & Relationship coach, shares her story on today’s show about when she was violated and how that showed up in her own life. She talks about growing up in her 20s always being the good girl, the good daughter until she came to this place of reclaiming her own self. She started the work on reclaiming herself, her truth, her boundaries, and healing the sister and mother wounds. We go deep into talking about the power of reclamation of oneself, identifying what needs to be healed and how to reclaim sexuality to heal, grow and step into your own power.


Kim Coffin is a Trauma Informed Somatic Sex, Love & Relationship Coach, as well as an Empowerment & Sexuality Coach, Female Sexuality Coach, Tantric Sex Coach and founder of Get Your Sexy Back!


She specializes in empowerment, confidence, creating trust and safety in our bodies and in our minds, self-love, pleasure, sensuality, intimacy with self and in relationships, as well as relationship transformation for couples, jade egg, tantra and sacred sexuality.


Kim teaches singles and couples how to RECONNECT to their body, ACTIVATE their turn-on, HEAL heartbreak & shame at a body-based level, RECLAIM the places they’ve been disempowered, so they can come back into their body and step into their UNAPOLOGETIC POWER through sacred sexuality.


In their relationships, in their businesses, in their body and in their lives.


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Are you looking for someone to guide you as you step deeper into your own purpose and spiritual journey? If you’ve been doing all of the things and you're still feeling that tug, knowing that something more is for you and what you’ve been doing isn’t working, it may be time to find the guide who is willing to support you, shine the light and walk with you on your journey.

I’m currently taking on new 1:1 clients who are ready to dive deeper into themselves through the use of spiritual practices and tools.

If you’re feeling called to do this work - send me an email to set up some time to talk. You can email me over at


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