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Just As We Are

Feb 7, 2024

In this episode, we take a bit of a walk down memory lane as Katrina shares about the journey of relaunching and rebranding as we return to the roots of the podcast, reclaiming its original name, "Just As We Are." She reflects on the evolution of the podcast since its inception, recalling pivotal moments, including an event in 2019 that marked the beginning of this venture.

As Katrina immersed herself in personal and professional growth over the years, there was a tendency to veer off course, influenced by external pressures to make the podcast bigger and better. However, within the pursuit of expansion and success, the true purpose behind who she was and what she wanted to put on the world got lost. 

Join us as we rediscover the heart and soul of the podcast, returning to the core values that sparked its creation.


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