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Just As We Are

Jan 29, 2020

Melissa opens up to Katrina about climbing the corporate ladder so fast, or her own Mt. Everest and finding that she climbed the wrong mountain. Having a degree in pharmaceuticals and working the corporate world, Melissa realized that she was burnout, tired and missing out on so much of her family. She was freed and talks about her moonlighting as a network marketer with a health and wellness company. Katrina and Melissa talk about the importance of letting go of the fear of what others would think and how it is necessary at times in our lives to pivot and make a change. Melissa is a successful corporate and clinical leader with 10 years’ experience in Medical Affairs, Clinical Education and Sales within the pharmaceutical industry. I’m just like you, highly educated and was well compensated but realized I climbed Mt Everest at rapid speed to get to the top and realize I'd climbed the wrong mountain. I was  burnt out, looking for a better quality of life before it was too late. I was brave and courageous with incredible leaders who supported me in making a dramatic shift to become the entrepreneur I am today. Find Melissa over at