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Just As We Are

Feb 19, 2020

Katrina interviews Tara Romano creator of the Tone & tease program. Katrina met Tara at the Mommy Millionaire Live event and her life was forever changed by her program. Tara shares how she graduated college at the age of 31 and set out to teach, finding herself in Network Marketing which led to the personal development space. We talk about not being put in a box and living from the Be, Do, Have, the negative self talk and how she found that she needed her program just as much as other women. Tara also shares about the “Alter Ego” and how women are embracing this other beautiful, sexy, highest self. 

Tara Romano is an inspirational speaker for women empowerment, serial entrepreneur, and YouTube star with over five million views of her internationally renowned fitness videos featuring her original choreography and love of dance.


Tara is the creative director and creator of ​Tone & Tease​ which is a fitness program incorporating cardio, toning with easy-to-follow dance moves using a strategically placed chair. Through her program she encourages her diva tribe to “Unleash & Let Go”.