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Just As We Are

Feb 26, 2020

Jessica gets very open and real with Katrina about growing up in a home with a verbally abusive step dad and being angry at her Mom for being that kind of man into their lives. They talk all about that need to be loved and the Godshaped hole that was in Jessica’s life and she reveals how she carried that need into her first marriage, recognizing she married the man she was so angry at. They talk about the importance of growth, healing and creating a safe space for our children to know that they are valuable, loved and can be just as they are. She goes on to share her inspiration for the kids gratitude journal and how it has changed their family.

Jessica Lewis has been married to her husband, Skylar, for nearly 10 years. She is an intentional parent who desires to raise prayerful, purposeful and mindful children. As a business owner her entire life, her ability to be consistent and develop good habits has helped her thrive in multiple sectors. She wanted to give the same gift to her children and that is why she wrote this Gratitude Journal & Devotional for Kids.

She finds her Gratitude Journal & Devotional for Kids gives children a resource to begin building habits that will serve them for the rest of their lives. She has found that when children do the journal regularly parents get insights into their kid's worlds, hear thoughts they've never hear before and have a deeper connection to what is happening in their lives. The children have a greater appreciation for their things, their family and the blessings all around them. You can find Jessica’s journal on Amazon or on her website at