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Just As We Are

Jun 10, 2020

Katrina and Amanda talk all things about our body as a whole, using essential oils and other natural based products. Amanda opens up about her own story with how she turned to really paying attention to what she was using and putting in her body. She also talks about what it’s like being a military spouse and shares her own story, opening up about what 2020 has been like for her. They talk about learning how to be a work at home Mom and leaning into the flow. Amanda Lacy is a multi passionate entrepreneur, military spouse, and mom to three. She currently resides in Washington DC where she helps working mommas keep themselves and their families healthy with DōTERRA essential oils. She also coaches women who are stuck in survival mode into the abundant, healthy & thriving life they deserve. For more information, please check out or connect with Amanda @amandainlife (