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Just As We Are

Jun 24, 2020

Katrina sits down with Kelly and talks about her experience on the #1 Netflix reality show - Love is Blind. Kelly opens up about her experience on the show and how she navigated life afterwards. She shares the ups and downs of being on a reality show and how she handled the more difficult side, including people tearing her apart on social media. She shares about what first brought her into the personal development space and how she used those tools to navigate the rocky waters, including realizing she had more work to do on herself. Kelly holds nothing back, sharing how she was trying to escape from her own life.

Kelly Chase is a Health and Empowerment Coach, helping women love their bodies, career and relationships.  Recently, Kelly took a leap of faith to find love, putting herself out there on the #1 Netflix reality show called Love is Blind.  She is excited to share her biggest relationship/dating takeaways learned on the show, and more importantly to discuss how our nutritional health is affected by our relationship, career/business, financial and spiritual health. And that it is necessary to create a self care routine to improve one's self love and self worth.