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Just As We Are

Jul 8, 2020

Katrina and Athena get right into it in this episode. They talk all things, being a Mom and how our children are our little mirrors. This conversation is just like two old friends sitting down having a cup of coffee, catching up and laughing with one another. Athena shares her powerful story of miscarriage and how her faith remained unwavering and strong. She shares her inspiration and love of being with the people in her church and what inspired her to start her own business creating personalized greeting cards.Athena Avellanet loves to dance, have fun and hang with friends. She is a mom of 3 children, married to her husband Lee,  for 8 years. She is the founder and CEO of Five Eleven Cards, a handmade greeting card company that makes cards for any occasion. She is from New York but currently live in Connecticut where she is actively involved in her church. Her desire is to empower women by using God's Word to remind them who He is called them to be. One day she would love to build luxury safe houses for women and families in domestic violence situations so that they can be whole, healed, and thriving. 
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