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Just As We Are

Sep 2, 2020

Katrina talks with Antonette Sheree found of the Achieve it Mama Podcast. They talk about the Morning routine and her creation of the Morning Menu. Antonette opens about her own experience, what led her down a darker path and how she knew she needed to turn her life around. She shares her personal experiences and how Achieve it Mama was created. In this episode yo uwill find comparison, hopelessness, the importance of community and real talk about how life is messy.

Antonette Sheree is the host of the Achieve it Mama Podcast, a show all about flexible productivity planning to help busy mamas become more proactive, efficient, and semi-organized. She is passionate about supporting, empowering, and educating mamas to create the flexible balance they are eager for, so they are successful not only at work but in life and motherhood. She says good-bye to rigid schedules, mommy guilt and “comparisonitis” syndrome and hello to unity in motherhood and finding joy in the journey of life. Between mommy duty, working a 9-5, volunteering and being an entrepreneur, she has over a

decade of experience and knowledge to help others be achieve it mamas. 

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