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Just As We Are

Sep 30, 2020

A powerful conversation with Nutritionist, female-centric health coach Dorit Palvanov. Katrina and Dorit talk about the struggle as women, Moms with balance and time and as Moms we put ourselves on the back burner. Dorit shares her story and how she became so passionate about helping the woman as a whole. They discuss, creating the ecosystem of our home, being afraid if someone knew who they really are. Also, Dorit discusses her real passion of teaching women to live a simple and sustainable life through the power of our menstrual cycles. She shares th 4 cycles and how we can thrive within each of those, that having a period doesn’t have to be messy or hard. Dorit Palvanov is a registered holistic nutritionist and thought leader in the female-centric approach to healing. Her mission is empowering women to recover from burnout so they can live, love, parent and work with confidence, energy and passion. Dorit’s clients often say that working with her feels like getting the key to their power as women. Dorit is the founder and voice behind the popular podcast for women Confident, Energized and Sexy Mama where she explores the life-long relationship women have with burnout and the stumbling blocks that hold women back from confidence, energy and passion in how they live, love, parent and work. With reverence, wisdom and wit, Dorit inspires a global community of women to embrace their feminine essence and evolve how they live, love, work, play, and parent. When Dorit isn’t being a typical mom by shlepping her kids to and from, you’ll find her curled up on the couch with her husband talking long hours about life or singing to her husband’s guitar.