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Just As We Are

Oct 21, 2020

Katrina brings Melissa on the show and she opens up about her own journey with suicide and depression. Melissa shares her story about being on her mother’s couch depressed, in college trying to survive and figure out how to pay off the last payment for her classes. One day she wakes up and decides she is either going to fight for her life or die. Melissa is her today to share her heartwarming story from surviving to empowering other women to live life. Now, fast-forward 10 plus years and a lot of hurdles, Melissa is a proud wife, mother, frequent volunteer and Founder/CEO of 13Fifteen, LLC—a residential and commercial cleaning company servicing her Tomball neighbors alongside her husband, Dan. Together, with a small team, they help people de-stress and live their best lives. Artist and Entrepreneur, Melissa, whose forever crafting and learning on purpose, decided to stop hiding and step into who she truly is in late 2019 and created Ingenious Hustlers; where she assists not only suicide-survivors in becoming better in-tuned with who they really are and inspire them to stop playing at life and live for themselves, but also empowers solo women entrepreneurs to understand their value & get paid their worth through money-mindset, self-love coaching. As a woman who has pushed through depression and suicidal thoughts for the majority of her life, Melissa knows she’s more than qualified to help save a life, which led to her creating the pick me up podcast Stop Playing at Life.

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