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Just As We Are

Apr 22, 2021

Girls, get your confidence boost through your wardrobe! I get to share with you today, Stephanie who is all about empowering and supporting women. She shows up in such a big way, that her energy is absolutely contagious. Starting out as a Frozen Yogurt shop owner with her husband and sister, through the journey she finds her passion and purpose in teaching women how to shine their own lights through the wardrobe. She is passionate about helping women feel amazing in their body, no matter your body shape or size. We all deserve to feel confident, love what we see when we look in the mirror and rock it each and every day. 

Stephanie is a Wardrobe Coach and Virtual Stylist that specializes in wardrobe education, teaching goal-oriented women the "how" behind great style.

She believes that clothes are an extension of the greatness within us, and powerful tools that can be leveraged to elevate your brand and boost your overall confidence!




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