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Just As We Are

Oct 17, 2019

Katrina talks a little about her daily habits, what does she do to move her forward and reflects back on some projects she started but never finished. Are our daily habits supportive of the things we say we want to create? Have you felt yourself continue to sit in the same space you’ve been in for awhile? She also talks about the importance of recognizing the areas that we have grown and that it doesn’t always look the way we believe it needs to or others believe it needs to. Growth doesn’t always show up in big shiny flashy ways. This is where the need to know can come in, the need to gather information. You may feel you cannot move forward in an area because you need more information. And then you get more information and still, it doesn’t seem to be enough. We can have all the information or all the guarantees from someone but would we really truly move forward? The need to know is part of overthinking, fear and avoidance. We talk about how to take you out of that moment, change your state of being. Action is the key.