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Just As We Are

Jul 26, 2022


Today Katrina talks with Fertility Coach Cassie Huneke answering some incredibly important questions around fertility. She shares what a fertility coach is and how she helps women get pregnant. We go over the challenges that are sometimes unseen that her clients face and how to feel empowered in your fertility journey. She shares some key ways to cope with stress and setbacks to find the magic in your own fertility story.

Cassie Huneke (pronounced like hun-eh-key) is a mind-body fertility coach that helps women restore their reproductive health to get pregnant. Host of The Fertility Witch podcast, she is passionate in helping women trying to conceive reduce stress and feel good, physically and mentally, in their fertility journeys now. She has also worked in maternal health and wellness for several years as a birth and postpartum doula, and is the mom of a free-spirited toddler.



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