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Just As We Are

Aug 15, 2022

On today’s episode, we talk with Spiritual Coach Amanda Upton. Amanda’s shares about her own childhood trauma making an impact on her life leading her into practicing mindfulness to go deeper. She shares about safety, vulnerability and the fear and self-doubt so many of us experience. She felt lost and knew at the same time she was made for more. After doing the work on herself, she began to come home to herself and in turn started helping others do the same.

Amanda was considered successful in her corporate career, climbing the ladder earning five promotions in four years; however, she was still unhappy and unfulfilled. Her work was uninspiring and had little impact on the greater community. Amanda began to open up to calling in her higher purpose in life and began grounding into “source” as a higher power to bring this greater ambition into fruition. When she started a little blog in 2013 sharing her own transformational journey, readers began asking how they could work with her. In 2014 Amanda earned her Spiritual Coach Certification and began taking on clients. By 2017 Amanda had the evidence that she needed to quit her corporate job and become her own leader.




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