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Just As We Are

Jan 8, 2020

Katrina and Kathie get incredibly real, raw and vulnerable in this episode. Kathie shares her story about post partum depression.She shares her unique stories after having each of her kids. After having suicidal thoughts, Kathie knew something wasn’t right and reached out for help. They also talk setting yourself up for success every day, with focusing on gratitude, living in your joy having time to be grounded and get centered.  Kathie Vandermeer is a mom of two little ones, Top Fitness Trainer, Lifestyle Strategist, Podcast Host and founder of Tight and Toned. Her Postpartum Depression battles after each baby were dark and scary as well as very different. After having her second child, Kathie found herself in a place she never thought she would be, suicidal. Recently voted 'World's Top Trainer' by Women's Fitness magazine, it is Kathie's mission share her story, help women get fit, regain their confidence, step into the lives they were meant to live, all without wasting hours in the gym.” Find Kathie over at