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Just As We Are

Sep 16, 2020

In this episode, Katrina talks with Alisha about helping women feel better in their body through nutrition, movement and mindset work using a non-diet approach. You’ll hear them discuss - empowering women to make an impact, embracing our differences, belonging everywhere, wanting what we already have and how looking back blocks us from being present. Alisha shares her story and where the Strong(Her) way came from, how she was being a Mom and getting in her own way, idolizing her body and feeling as though she was married but living separate lives than her husband. We have a purpose in this life and how empowering being the woman you truly want to be is. She also gets vulnerable talking about her marriage, how her husband was addicted to porn and how they made their way through his addiction, discovering her own kind of addiction. Alisha Carlson is a Non-Diet Lifestyle Coach and founder of The Strong[HER] Way. She is passionate about empowering women to make an impact and helping them feel better in their bodies through food, movement, mindset, and non-diet strategies so that they can create + live their best life. Alisha takes an inside out approach to health and wellbeing, helping her clients gain clarity on their vision for their lives, so that they have a clear, no-bull blueprint. She helps her clients create a custom plan that fits into the rest of their lives instead of the other way around. 




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