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Just As We Are

May 27, 2021

Have you been wondering what is wrong with you on the inside? I got to chat with Lane Kennedy today as we dive in and talk about how important it is to get down to the issues that are in your tissues. Lane shares about being in the fashion world and her transition into the coaching and mindfulness practice she does today. Lane got sober almost 25 years ago and talked about how just being sober wasn’t enough for her and for many people she has helped. Just recently she started opening up more about her recovery and she shares what kept her from speaking up more on the topic. 

Lane Kennedy is today’s no nonsense modern day, Calm Maker. She is a holistic practitioner, mindfulness teacher, DNA nerd and host of Recover Like A Mother podcast.

She has been a meditator for over two decades and teaches publicly, and privately for Government Agencies, and Corporations in San Francisco and Abroad.

 As a seeker, Lane has sought to harness the power of human capacity. She became a graduate of the Neuroscience Academy of Australia, was one of the first graduates of the Human Potential Institute, and a Hormone Cure Practitioner. Lane became certified in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) to complement her decades-long meditation practice. She is also a certified recovery coach, two times certified Yoga Nidra guide, Breathwork Facilitator and Yin Yoga Teacher.



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